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A/C Systems

We depend on our AC systems to keep us comfortable. They should be inspected to determine if they are in good condition and able to perform.


The area under some homes on pier & beam foundation has the potential for many problems. If there is a problem these are usually related to moisture, ventilation, or wood-destroying insects.

Electrical Fixtures

For safety reasons, receptacles within 6' of water should be a GFCI rated by today's standards. This includes kitchen, bathroom, garage and outside receptacles.

Electrical Panel

Electrical panels can have a variety of problems. Broken or defective breakers, burned wiring, improper sizing of breaker or conductors, double tapping with two conductors on one breaker to mention a few.


There may be typical cracking of the foundation, sidewalk, driveway, or garage floor. Some of these are caused by the natural process of concrete curing and possibly shrinking due to improper mixing. In some cases the foundation may have bigger problems.

Heating Units

Typically gas furnaces are more of a problem than electric. This is because they must have proper venting through the roof. The heat exchanger in a gas furnace is also an additional source of failure.

Home Owner Repairs

Believe it or not, home owners don't always do things correctly. Sometimes they don't know the right way to make a repair, but some home owners just take shortcuts. This is one of the biggest reasons to have a home inspection.

Plumbing Problems

No one likes a leaky pipe - they cause a mess. Both supply piping and discharge piping needs to be installed properly. Leaking sinks, toilets that are loose, water heater age and condition are reported.

Roofing and Shingles

The roof is one of the most important systems in the home. Shingles can be broken or damaged. Drainage issues with flashings or gutters can cause damage. A roof leak can cause sheathing or rafters to rot.

Structural Damage

Foundation issues can be indicated by cracking on the interior or exterior structure (walls). These should be investigated thoroughly as they can affect the entire home.

Water Heaters

Water heaters are usually ignored until they go bad. Rusting on the bottom is a problem with older units. Heating elements or burners, and venting are also problems.


Windows can be stuck and impossible to open. Windows should be operable, and in good condition. Standards call for heat and ventilation in each room.